Pre-Makeup Primer - An experienced artist knows that priming a canvas is essential before painting. Makeup is no different. A well primed face allows a smoother application and ensures a longer lasting finished makeup.

CoverFX Skin FX

Cover FX Cosmetics
Skin Prep FX

*This multi-tasking tube of liquid gold is a priming serum AND a treatment product that prepares even the most sensitive skin for foundation application. It's chock full of anti-inflamitory ingredients, a mega dose of vitamins, firming agents and serious moisture boosting (thanks to a shot of hyaluronic acid). It's designed to allow the patented Cover FX Cream Foundation's DermaVeil Technology to glide on easily and still lock itself into place for all day coverage. I'm Having A Breakdown: A drop or two of Skin Prep is perfect for thinning out full cover or cream foundations!

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MUFE HD Primer

Microperfecting Primers

*High Definition Video (HDV) is here to stay. This new generation of primer addresses the need for improved skin texture and color correction. The skincare ingredients in here are potent and calibrated for immediate response (makeup artists don't have time for "cumulative effects") As the primer super hydrates the skin, it locks the moisture in and creates a velvety, light diffusing surface that foundation wants to adhere to. The additon of primers in corrective shades (green, lavendar, etc.) address and eliminate the most common (and some interesting) discoloration issues.

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Korres Face Primer

Face Primer

*I've worked with quite a few actors who will only use "natural" products on their skin. Thanks to some pretty nifty mixology, Korres came up with a fast-absorbing, long-lasting primer that doesn't skimp on results. A blend of antioxidants, jojoba, sunflower oils, edelweiss extract, and vitamin E nourishes and protects skin. Silicone-free and 99 percent natural. This skin soothing, antioxidant-rich face primer is also Ecocert Certified. So now you can go green and look gorgeous at the same time! BONUS ROUND: They also make an Anti-Aging Primer that firms and fills fine lines!

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Too Faced Primed & Poreless

Too Faced Cosmetics
Primed & Poreless Face Primer

*This lovely over achiever will get 'under' anything you throw at it - beautifully. Primed & Poreless is perfect under foundation, but is just as wonderful without foundation under only powder or bronzer. It's skin loving formula is packed with nifty 'good for you' ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. It smoothes the skin's appearance, hydrates, firms …now if it would just load the dishwasher and walk the dog (I can dream can't I?)

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Vincent Longo Water Canvas Primer

Vincent Longo
Water Canvas Primer

*The first luxury primer to address the benefit of a surge of moisture to skin prior to foundation application.. And from the HUGE success of this product, it's clear that people found out how amazing that burst of water can be. It pretty much works under ANY foundation and the super hydrating microwater molecules create a perfectly moist and refreshed surface for a flawless makeup application.

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Set The Stage Primer

Whip Hand Cosmetics
Set The Stage Primer

*A "primer" that can be applied under or over makeup? Really? Yes, really! As a primer it resurfaces and immediately smooths skin texture while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores so foundation looks smoother. It creates a silky feeling matte finish and can be used throughout the day to banish shine and refine the appearance of skin...with no powdery build up (hate that caked on look)…AND it works on all skin types.

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Laura Mercier primer

Laura Mercier
foundation Primer

*One of the first and still one of the best makeup primers. Introduced over a decade ago, this hybrid cream/gel formula creates a beautifully prepped surface for makeup application and provides a buffer between the skin and environmental stress. LM Foundation Primer now comes in 5 different formulas to cover every possible pre-foundation need...Original, Oil-Free, Hydrating, Mineral (cream) and Mineral (powder).

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Laura Geller Spackle

Laura Geller
Spackle - Under Makeup Primer

* it's not a very flattering name for a beauty product. But that's exactly what it does...spackle on a whole new surface for a significantly smoother foundation application on rougher skin textures. The newest version contains white tea and other botanicals which help skin retain moisture and look even smoother than the original formula. Bonus Round: Round 1) Helps to mask the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. Round 2) Enables foundation to sit on top of the skin rather than melting into expression lines and accentuating exactly what we're trying to disguise. Extra Credit Round: Now in an air-free pump so you get every last drop.

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Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine

Peter Thomas Roth
Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

*Pros have spent years being brainwashed into reaching for a different "Anti-Shine" product. Unfortunately it's alcohol based, extremely drying to the surface of the skin (which looks awful in HD media) and dries out very quickly if it's not capped properly (not cost effective). It doesn't play nicely with certain foundations either (I don't need limitations).
So what makes PTR Anti-Shine so different? The fragrance-free creme/gel is formulated with powerful oil-absorbing, pore minimizing ingredients (silica) to keep even excessively oily skin fresh and shine-free...without alcohol and that hard, dry finish.

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DermaDoctor Tease Zone

Tease Zone

*Find yourself faced with unpleasantly parched skin after performing oil control in the T-zone? This marvelous matte-ifying gel vanishes instantly without leaving the unpleasant residue that will dry-out the skin's surface! Tease Zone's sebum sequestering micro-particles put excess oil into exile, soaking it up before it escapes the pores, but without leaving skin looking (and feeling) like the Sahara Desert. (This stuff is a makeup artist's salvation when faced with perpetually shiny, super tight, Botox abused faces).

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MUFE All Mat

All Mat Mattifying Primer

*...Sometimes a makeup primer is just not enough.
...Sometimes you need more than just a smooth skin texture to work on.
...Sometimes you need that extra shot of oil control under foundation to keep it stabilized and fresh through a long shoot. MUFE has simplified the process. They've combined an oil-free primer that smoothes skin texture and fills in tiny lines with state of the art oil-controling ingredients that keep skin shine-free.

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