Foundation - Creating beautiful, believable skin is your ultimate goal and whether you airbrush or hand apply, these are the professional choices to perfect the complexion.

Cinema Secret
Ultimate Foundation

*This is the high performance cream makeup that has been a staple in my personal makeup kit for almost 2 decades. It provides totally adjustable coverage (from sheer to extreme) that won't cake or crease, but with a deceptively soft, natural finish. The addition of silicone to the formula allows this highly pigmented foundation to remain a flexible film on the skin's surface that doesn't absorb or become a stiff looking mask. It's also naturally water/sweat resistant, which is a HUGE plus when working in humid or wet conditions. All foundation and correction/concealing colors are available in single jars and easy to carry 5 color palettes.
Cheat Sheet: Too many palettes to choose from? Let Blenderella simplify it for you... palettes #1, #3, #7, #10, #11 will provide a complete global collection of skintones.

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Celebre' Pro HD Foundation

*So, Mehron got a bunch of high level MUA's together (I guess they forgot my invite?) and asked them how to take their original Celebre' cream makeup formula to the Pro HD Level. Don't get us wrong, the original wasn't bad...but it wasn't a lot more than just OK either.
The reboot is on point! Oil-free, non-greasy and fragrance-free with an excelent buildable satin finish coverage (matte doesn't work in HD). Because it's oil-free, it can be used on all skin types and just for extra "feel good" appeal they added antioxidants vitamin E and pomegranate plus aloe vera to help soothe the skin. Looks like Mehron is back in the pro mix!

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MUFE HD Foundation

Make up for ever
HD Invisible Finish Foundation

*Serious coverage and still undetectable to an HD camera? Can we really believe the buzz? In a word...YES! It covers like crazy and builds up layer after layer still looking like beautiful skin (not a coat of house paint). The finish is demi matte and doesn't need powdering on normal to dry skin (very good extra).
Blenderella Picks:
Cool - 115, 155, 178
Warm - 117, 128, 177
Mixers - 110, 185

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RCMA Color Process Foundation

Color Process Foundation

*An icon in cream makeup, designed by legendary makeup artist Vincent Kehoe. Many pro makeup artists prefer this highly pigmented (50%) foundation for its extremely versatile coverage and the fact that it's made from plant seed oil, rather than mineral oil. It's demi-matte finish looks especially great when thinned out and used for men on camera. An extensive range of 100+ colors covers all skin tones and SFX applications.
How to Choose: Head for the 18 color Sampler Palettes In KO and Shinto...pre-poured and ready to go!

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Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation

Koh Gen Do
Moisture Foundation

*This imported foundation seems to have appeared out of nowhere... but it's pretty awesome, so we're glad it showed up! And so are the key makeup artists on a bunch of network and cable shows. The light textured cream doubles as both foundation and concealer with buildable coverage and guys in front of the camera rave about how great they look and how" un-made-up" their skin feels when it's on. It's pricey ($55US) but absolutely professional grade and worth the expense. I'd venture to say that it's probably one of the best paraben and spf free HD makeups on the market in the US.

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Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

Face Atelier
Ultra Foundation

*A silky smooth, silicone-based fluid foundation with a built-in primer (multi-tasking....LOVE that). It gets compared to Armani Luminous Silk all the time...nice compliment, but FA Ultra has far better pigment concentration and is minus the crazy price. Worried about a perfect match? Well they've just released a "global" color extension and if that's not enough...take any of the beautiful exisiting colors and add a drop of Zero Minus, Zero Plus Plus or "Heat" color adjuster to go lighter, darker or warmer. Becoming well adjusted was never easier!

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Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation

HD Glamour Creme Foundation

*A comfortable lightweight formula for sheer coverage but easily layered to full cover when needed. The demi-matte finish works well with or without powder. The 40+ shades (and growing) have been carefully calibrated for excellent results in HD production. They've also logically grouped colors in palettes of 'warm', 'cool' and 'neutral' shades. The new "Super Palettes" have 18 colors in each at an amazing price! We Stand Corrected: Those smart folks at Graftobian also created a "Color Correction" Palette using the same Hi-Def formula.

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Visiora MV Creme Makeup

MV Creme Makeup

*A legendary creme foundation that has been a favorite of TV, Film and Photo artists for decades. The coverage is sheer but can be built up easily and won't look "masky", even on HD productions. Unfortunately, the range is limited to only 8 colors which are coral-beige for lighter skins and orange-red for darker.. At $40+ per compact with a moderately quick user rate, Visiora Creme is on the pricey side...but legends don't come cheap.

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Kryolan HD Micro Foundation

HD Micro Foundation

*Created with highly micronized pigments, this modern cream makeup takes Kryolan's original Cream Foundation to the next level. It offers anywhere from sheer to full coverage depending on your application technique. It contains light reflective ingredients so it still appears natural and meets the requirements for high-definition formats even when you go for complete coverage. There's an amazing collection of global skintones and corrective colors in single, double pan compacts and palettes.

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Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond Cream Foundation

Gerda Spillmann
Bio-Fond Cream Foundation

*This Swiss skincare based foundation has been around for almost 30 years...for good reason. It was developed specifically for use in film and TV on actors and celebrities that have very sensitive skin. No matter how reactive the skin, Bio-Fond will give you beautiful results without irritation. 16 complexion colors, 3 adjuster/correctors and one universal blush color. Sweet, neat, complete!

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Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer

Kevyn Aucoin
Sensual Skin Enhancer

*How to explain this wonder cream...a jar of radiant, gorgeous skin is the best I can come up with. Costly...sure, but so concentrated it will last 10x longer than any similar cream foundation. A pin sized amount will cover a freshly moisturized/primed faced completely and flawlessly. No need for concealer either, this stuff is packed to excess with pigment and gives outstanding coverage...yet, can be sheered down to a delicate haze when only a little help is needed.

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani Beauty
Luminous Silk Foundation

*TAKE NOTE: LS is listed solely due to it's snobby celebrity "special request" status …not it's price or performance. I admit it's a well crafted oil-free, silicone based fluid foundation, but the coverage is sheer so you'll have to build it up on less than perfect complexions. The price....well, it's definitely not kit friendly ($59 a bottle...really?). So if your production's makeup budget is bottomless or talent offers to pay for it themselves, go ahead and stock up!

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Liquid Makeup

Face & Body Liquid Makeup

*I know, I know...another MUFE foundation? Sorry, but Pro makeup artists all agree that this is the #1 choice for sheer face and body makeup. The formula is a water-resistant, ultra-light, liquid-gel containing no emulsifiers (fillers you don't need) or mineral oils. It creates a quick, streak-free finish that layers to whatever coverage you need and evens out skin tone without accentuating imperfections. It's also transfer-resistant when dry...which is why wardrobe stylists LOVE it.

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Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation

Alison Raffaele
Reality Base Foundation

*We're finding an increasing need for "natural' alternatives in the makeup kit, but mineral makeup continues to be a nightmare for pro artists. They just don't work on camera (too much mica, high levels of spf or titanium dioxide, etc.) Until Alison developed this fab formula with all the properties a Pro artist craves. The new, improved formula is oil, talc and paraben free. It offers medium coverage that easily builds to full, has a satin finish (very 'skin-like') and is safe for ALL skin types...even sensitive. So the next time someone sits in your chair and asks if you have 'mineral makeup''ve got it covered, in a very pro way.

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Temptu Cosmetics S/B HI-DEF™ Airbrush Makeup

Temptu Cosmetics
S/B HI-DEF™ for Airbrush

*The first and still one of the best Silicone-Based Airbrush Cosmetics. TEMPTU SB creates an unparalleled soft-focus glow on the skin, in sharp contrast to the flat, matte finish of some water based airbrush makeups. The slower setting time allows for hands-on touch ups. The finish is water resistant with a soft natural look which is very flattering in HD video especially on guys. The S/B Collection includes foundation, concealer, blushes, highlights, adjustors, eyeshadows, brows …etc, etc, etc. Temptu also offers the DURA collection, which is an alcohol based, waterproof makeup for airbrush.

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  SKIN Airbrush Foundation

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
SKIN for Airbrush

*OCC SKIN Airbrush Makeup is a lightweight, water based foundation that can be applied with an airbrush or by hand and is easily retouched when needed. It offers an oil-free, natural matte finish that is calibrated to look completely realistic in HD format...not flat or dry. The point of difference here is that OCC SKIN is incredibly water resistant, sweat and tearproof (not common with water-based airbrush products). The coverage is sheer to full according to application and the shade selection includes blush, contour and corrector colors. Longevity: OCC INK is a longlasting, water resistant, alcohol-based airbrush formula that includes some great FX and Metallic colors.

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Kett Cosmetics Hydro Airbrush Foundation

Kett Cosmetics
Hydro for Airbrush

*A standout formula in the category of water based airbrush foundations. Kett's Hydro Airbrush Makeup is a beautiful demi-matte, water based foundation that can be applied with an airbrush, fingertips, sponge or brush. It's completely blendable, breathable, self-setting, alcohol and fragrance free. The shade selections are realistic and very well thought out in logical groups of 5 each in Olive (warm) or Ruby (cool) ranges. Mix a Ruby with an Olive to create a Neutral (color theory folks...duh?) Kett also offers a longlasting, alcohol-based waterproof airbrush formula called Kett Hydro Proof available in all existing Kett colors.

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Canvas Blend for Airbrush

*Although Element Two is a newcomer to Pro airbrush makeup, their silicone based formula has become a breakout performer. Temptu S/B has been the only silicone formula worth paying attention to …until now. Canvas Blend offers a water and transfer resistant finish in 16 beautiful HD-ready complexion colors and 32 densely pigmented alternate colors in a gorgeous range of mattes and shimmers to be used as highlights, bronzers, blushes and in artistic applications. I love it when a new company delivers such exceptional pro quality!

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Graftobian GlamAire Hi-Def Airbrush Foundation

GlamAire Hi-Def for Airbrush

*Emmy Award winning makeup artist Bradley Look (Star Trek Enterprise, and many other television series and movies ) teamed with Graftobian to create a range of highly accurate skin tone shades developed specifically for HD usage. This unique water/copolymer formulation with ultra micronized pigments is high performance in coverage, super skin friendly and airbrush easy. The colors remain true and wear beautifully through the longest shoot schedule with minimal maintenance. Blended Families: The smart folks at Graftobian have matched all GlamAire Airbrush colors to their very popular Hi-Def Creme Foundation colors.

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