IMK Welcome

Welcome to IN MY KIT

Does it look sort of empty here?

Well…the server IMK lived on crashed and its database was corrupted beyond recovery, so we’ve moved to a new, more reliable hosting company, purchased a private IP, and upgraded to a full pro-business account  (thanks for the amazing customer support during the switch SiteGround).

O course I have a backup of IMK, but this website has been waiting patiently for a full facelift since 2015 (our 10th anniversary).

So, instead of trying to reassemble the original In My Kit from the older parts, we’re rebuilding it from the ground up, with the latest responsive website technology.

This is going to take time, so please be patient.

Thanks – KJB

While we get IMK back up and running...

Please visit the In My Kit Facebook Group to access its incredible database of information. We invite you to join and be part of the conversation with other beauty professionals and cosmetic enthusiasts.