Product Reviews For Makeup Artists, Beauty Professionals, and Cosmetic Enthusiasts.

Building a well stocked pro makeup kit for all media formats (print, video, film) can be overwhelming.
I’ve done the research and tested products under professional working conditions. IN MY KIT® is my way to share what I’ve learned!

Kevin James Bennett

I’ve witnessed the stress and confusion new artists experience while building their first makeup kit. I used to wonder, where is the reference guide to help pros make informed choices and avoid costly ($$$) mistakes?

In 2004, I decided to learn web and graphic design.
In early 2005, I decided to develop the pro reference website I dreamt about.
In October 2005, IN MY KIT® (IMK) was launched.

IMK was the first website with targeted cosmetic reviews and buying advice for Makeup Artists and Beauty Professionals.

That was over a decade ago.

The way we view and share information has changed (a lot) since then.
IMK is overdue for a facelift, some lipo…maybe a tummy tuck?

So what’s going to be new?

Responsive Design

IMK is easier to navigate and looks great on all devices (smartphones and tablets).

Social Media Integration

We’re connected to your favorite social media networks, so sharing IMK content is simple.

Rating & Reviews

What do you think? Tell us by rating (stars) and adding your review to product pages.

We're almost ready to relaunch.

But while you're waiting…
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